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Searching for no essay scholarships both in the “real” world and on the Internet can take quite a bit of time. To date, there is no one resource that exist that differentiates between no essay scholarships that require some type of merit, such as having a specific grade point average or writing an essay. No essay scholarships will award you real money for college without requiring an exhaustive essay.

For many students, getting through high school can be very tough, and making that decision to go to college, even with less than perfect grades can intimidate those who are trying to get easy and free or no essay scholarships.

However, we urge everyone who has decided to make the choice to go to college to pursue this with their whole heart and try to get at least one no essay scholarship. There are many no essay scholarships that you can get that will award you money so you do not have to borrow an exorbitant amount of money. We have known students who have borrowed from private lenders as well as from the Department of Education when getting financial aid for school. Although this is okay because in the end, a college education will pay for itself, however, it is important to apply for easy no essay scholarships at first so you can make your decision on how much you will need to borrow for school.

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No essay scholarships will fall into the same arena as a public or university grant that you get. As long as you stay in school with a grant, you will never be required to pay that money back. Each year, your University will give a specific amount of funding that they are able to disperse out to their students with both essay and no essay scholarships. Often times, the grants and even a few scholarships are issued based on need. However, there are times that your College or University will have extra funding that has not been dispersed. We have known many students that were able to get grants and no essay scholarships just by checking to see if all the funding has been spent. As with anything, it may be a waiting list, but it’s better to try and have a chance with no essay scholarships as opposed to knowing for 100% sure that you will not get free money for college.

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Scholarships Without Essays

The Company that we recommend issued over $120,000 in scholarships funding to prospective students that needed to get an education but also required additional funding in order to pay for their college with no essay scholarships.

Again, With No Essay Scholarships There Are No:

  • Income disqualifications. This means  that your income does not matter nor your parents.
  • Grade Point Average Disqualifications.
  • Essays to slave over and write

There are quite a few online no essay scholarships for high school seniors, but you have to know where to look. In fact there are  even private companies that give out scholarships each month in the amount of $10,000 to one individual. These are the easiest type of no essay scholarships to get because you only have to register. Aeropostale scholarship program with no essay have also been popular too with prospective college students.

The sad fact is that many of the free scholarships without essays opportunities that you will come across will require you to have nearly perfect attendance, near-perfect grades as well as almost 50 to 100 hours of volunteer time.

The Challenge with Some Traditional Scholarships

No essay required scholarships for high school seniors and even easy scholarships will fall into the same category. In fact, every opportunity that you come across that has a scholarship giveaway or easy scholarships to get, you should register because it only takes just a moment. In addition to this, we also feel that it is very important to apply for merit-based scholarships as well. One of the reasons why people like no essay scholarships is because they are a little easier to apply for. This is opposed to writing an 2000 word dissertation in order to get awarded money.Many students prefer to apply for no essay scholarships over traditional ones.

A merit based scholarship will require the credentials that we spoke about above, however, there may be a few that you qualify for. Did you know that there are no essay scholarships for left-handed students? There also different types scholarships for individuals that are less than 5 feet tall too. The Coca Cola scholarship is also available, but this is more of an merit scholarship. However, it is best to try to apply for this as well. If you have excellent grades, this is an excellent scholarship to apply for.

Almost All No Essay Scholarship Programs Are Limited

Again, programs tha offer no essay scholarships will be limited, and so it is important to try and register for all of them. Easy scholarships only require you to register and then you just wait. This is basically the same process as merit scholarships except no essay and no grade point average is required.

How Much Does College Cost

If you are going to a public 2 year college to get your Associates degree, you will spend an average of $3500 on your tuition and fees. This is quite a bit of money and if you do not have no essay scholarships to help you fund your education or at least some type of scholarship, then you will be hard pressed If you plan on attending college in State at your local University, then your tuition and fees will be close to $9000. For many students, we have seen that they rather go out of state to get their degree. Students that go out of state for college can expect to pay close to $25,000 for a four year degree. These fees will increase if the school is private. If you are considering a private school, then it will be even more important to get no essay scholarships of some type.

However, it is also important to understand that when a school is private that there will not be as many non essay scholarships available. For these types of schools, many of scholarships will be merit-based and will require you to have a 3.0 or above grade point average. (This is an example of a school offering scholarships.)

After You Who Have Exhausted Your Applications With No Essay Scholarships

For those who have exhausted the amount of non-essay scholarships that they are able to find, many times, a work study program with a nearby company may prove to be beneficial.  Remember, college does not have to cost you everything that you own. This is why it is important to explore different options that are available to you before you go to school and find as many no essay scholarships as possible. It is also important to realize that you can earn $1.3 million more than those individuals who do not have a college degree when you enter the work field. This money increases if you prefer to continue  your college education into a Masters degree. Spend your time applying.

For those who are interested in English, although there are not many no essay scholarships for this major, there are a few scholarships we would like to talk about here. The Wiki Answers Scholarship Fund is a scholarship that awards $1000 to individuals that answer at least 50 or more questions on their question-and-answer website. For individuals who are interested in poetry, The Poetry Out Loud Scholarship Contest awards $20,000 to a National Champion and $10,000 to second place. Again, we feel that these are great scholarships but scholarships are better suited for the masses than these type of scholarships.

Also, for individuals that have applied for every no essay scholarships as well as sought out grants, they can find, there are many need based scholarships that you can apply for as well.

Our final recommendation is to study is much as you possibly can while you are in college and spend spare time asking your financial aid department about their unique scholarships with an essay. The time doing so will be well spent. This time will fly by faster than what you could ever imagine and so whether you decide to major in English, journalism, pre-law, the medical sciences, or even get a general major, it is important to take the time to get good grades because you never know when you would like to go on to get your Masters degree.

Remember, there is nothing better than having an education and finding no essay scholarships can help you bridge the gap between borrowing and having your school paid for.